Lost world in biodiversity conservation

Excursion to the Peter the Great botanical garden as one of the methods of teaching students

Musinova Larisa P., Volchanskaya Alexandra V. & Kalugin Yuri G.
Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

The history of the Botanical gardens shows that for centuries they have become not only the centers of development of scientific botany, but also the basis for student trainings. That is the reason, why the first Botanical garden in Russia, created by Peter the Great in 1706 as a pharmacy garden at the Moscow hospital and Medical-surgical Academy, was used (and still used) to train medical students. Examples of university gardens in Russia at the present time (Petrozavodsk, Irkutsk, Perm, Tver and other university gardens) show, that gardens play the significant role in studying botany. Botanical gardens of the Russian Academy of Sciences are interesting as a place for student practices, as well as educational platform for exploring the latest achievements of botanical science. The general trend of development of gardens is a wide range of pedagogical methods and techniques. One of the most effective methods that makes up part of the curriculum in universities - is excursions for students to the Peter the Great Botanical garden. For decades, students studying on the departments of “Forestry”, “Landscape architecture”, “Pharmacy”, “Biotechnology”, “Medicine”, “Interior Design”, “Industrial graphics”, “Web design” visit excursions in Saint-Petersburg Botanical garden. Excursions may have the following intents: educational, aesthetic, broadening of horizons, etc. For example, for the 1st year students of the department of pharmacognosy, 3 hours are given to familiarize with the systematic groups and morphology of plants. The purpose of the tour for future doctors is to form the concepts of ephemeroids, medicinal and poisonous plants. The goal of the tour for future web designers is to find new forms of floral ornament. Depending on the educational orientation of the student, the excursion methodology is the guide’s personal program for demonstrating plants, organizing observation of them, using methodical methods of showing and telling. The complex excursion method when students study new material, connecting it with knowledge, received earlier, is effective at development of a wide range of specialties.

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